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We see why dogs get the top rank in loyalty, love, and faithfulness. They’re the best, and this dog proves that holding grudges isn’t in her vocabulary!

Real estate doggy

Typically, the shelter responds to calls for strays or abandoned fur babies in the streets. This call’s different, and you’ll soon get to know why.


A real estate agent gave the shelter a call after discovering a dog abandoned by the previous owners of the house. She fed the pet for a few days and called the shelter for a rescue mission.

The rescue team immediately set out to save the doggy, and they named her Madison. The puppy felt frightened and ran away. We would too if we didn’t know what’s happening!

She wedged herself between the fence’s and house’s wall, and our team found it difficult to reach her!

Madison stayed still, and her expression above seems to ask the question, ” will you take care of me?”

Fortunately for her, a petite young lady from the rescue team fits between the narrow space and eventually gets a hold of Madison.

The furry pet then gives the food a go, then allows her rescuer to walk them out. Whew! That looked like a lot of work!

For Madison’s safety, a visit to the vet’s mandatory. The team immediately noted a ton of fleas on the poor pet’s body.

Imagine staying out in changing weather for a while, getting by on food given by helpful strangers, no owners in sight.

Then here come these lovely humans, giving food and pats, ear scratches, and wow, that bath feels heavenly!

This faithful pet’s now healthy and loves to show her catch skills!

Adopted by a foster home, Madison quickly found a forever family. She doesn’t seem to remember her old life, and that’s a relief!

We thank our tireless shelter workers and give mad props to everyone involved in Maddie’s rescue and adoption. Live your best life, girl!

Image and video credits to Hope for Paws via YouTube



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