We’ve all heard the news about the terrible coronavirus that is spreading drastically across the world.

The said virus emerged just a few weeks ago in Wuhan, a region in China where the virus originated. According to reports, the virus must have come from the bats which are consumed in the area. The news has caused a panic effect all over the world.

The Chinese government imposed a lockdown on Wuhan in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading further. However, there are now confirmed cases from other parts of the world aside from China.


With over 100 dead as of now and thousands infected around the world, there is indeed a reason to be more careful and take extra precautions.

Tourists are also not recommended to visit the city until the virus is under control or treatment has been discovered.

However, there are still people who travel to and from Wuhan without any worries probably, because they don’t know how dangerous the situation is.

A woman in Taiwan was initially upset when her Golden Retriever destroyed her passport and was forced to cancel her trip to Wuhan. She was disappointed because she already had plans for her travel.

But when the news broke out about coronavirus and discovered that her destination is the origin of the deadly virus, she realized that her dog saved her life. She was so thankful for her pooch. It seemed like the dog used her sixth sense to protect her owner from possible danger.

She posted a photo of the destroyed passport to show people how her good dog saved her life. Understandably, the story went viral, and people are praising the pooch for his heroic actions.

Posted by 金毛愛旅行の視角 on Monday, January 13, 2020

We hope that people will be more careful and take extra precautions at times like these.

Source: Photo from 金毛愛旅行の視角 via Facebook



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