Tonic has always had a little bit of a problem with his legs since he was a puppy. Because of his stubby corgi legs, Tonic is unable to go for big jumps or leaps. So when it was time for him to learn about jumping up the couch, his owners immediately realized that Tonic is never going to master the skill.

Serena Juan said that they never encouraged Tonic to learn how to jump onto things. They thought that this would be safer for their dog, who has a short-leg problem. Instead, they would pick Tonic up and put him where he wants to be.



On the other hand, Gin, Tonic’s brother, who has much longer legs, has no trouble jumping onto furniture. This made Tonic’s parents worry that the sweet little dog would feel a bit left out. Thankfully, the fur parents came up with the perfect solution.

Tonic’s parents decided to get him is own corgi-sized couch, which thrilled the little pup. Serena said that when they first got the sofa, Tonic seemed so curious about it and kept sniffing. Later on, Tonic plopped onto it and realized how comfy it was. This made Tonic very happy. He stayed there and didn’t want to leave.

Tonic doesn’t disapprove the mini couch we got for him because he can’t jump on our couch lol does anybody else have a corgi that doesn’t jump at all?! 🤔 #shortleggedproblems-IG: gin.and.tonicc

Posted by Serena Juan on Wednesday, February 5, 2020


The adorable pup knew that the couch was personally made for him, and he instantly loved it. Now, Tonic has his own sofa where he can stretch out. It was made nice and low, just like how he likes it. It’s been a while since the couch arrived, but Tonic’s excitement still hasn’t worn off.

Serena said that Tonic sleeps on the couch every night. In the morning, it also serves as his hangout spot. He even brought his blanket, and some chew toys onto it. Tonic barely leaves his personal sofa. Who knows, his brother might get some funny ideas about the couch.

Credit: Gin Tonic, Serena Juan



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