Pit bulls and their related breeds are often stereotyped as violent and aggressive. They usually get a bad rap because they don’t look friendly. However, a cop says otherwise, after meeting and befriending a reported vicious pit bull on the loose.

The gentle giant

Police officer Travis Frost’s working day started quite normally until their station received a call about a vicious pit bull wandering about the neighborhood. Officer Frost responded right away. He arrived at the scene and spotted the “vicious” dog lounging outside a resident’s house, looking calm while basking in the sunshine.


Officer Frost wearily approached the pit bull. He made sure to leave his car door open so he can flee to safety in case the dog attacks him. Next, officer Frost whistled to see how the dog would react. The dog gazed at his direction and wagged its tail.

Officer Frost observed the dog’s calm attitude and realized the dog wasn’t aggressive at all. The dog stood up and walked towards him. The cop gave the gentle giant some loving pets. After a few moments, the pit bull hopped into the police car and settled himself comfortably on the passenger seat.

Making friends with a giant dog

Officer Frost reported the incident to animal control. While they waited for the team to arrive, the cop and his new furry friend took some cool selfies inside the police car. The two have become best buddies in the short minutes that they have been together.

Later on, Officer Frost learned that the dog is an American Bully named Gold. Animal control temporarily placed Gold in a shelter while they traced her owners. Thanks to her microchip, the dog only needed to spend one night away from home because her humans were contacted right away.

Officer Frost can attest that Gold and her breed aren’t bad dogs. They’re often misunderstood because of their physical appearance, but they have a heart of Gold, pun intended. And while Officer Frost reminds everyone to be careful around any unfamiliar dog, it’s also not right to judge a dog right away by his breed or looks.

Thanks to the Texarkana Police Department



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