Losing a loved one will never get easy. No matter how many times we have experienced it, outliving a person that is dear to us will remain as painful as the first time we had to go through the experience. And our capacity to feel immense sadness over losing a beloved is not limited to people we hold dear.

We can feel the exact same intensity of grief over the death of a pet, such as a dog for instance. Having a canine companion for a long time and witnessing them cross the rainbow bridge is devastating. This kind of devastation was collectively felt by the country upon hearing the news about the death of one of our most favorite canine celebrities.


Photo courtesy of Viral Thread

Whether you are a certified couch potato or a casual TV viewer, you have probably seen the commercial from BUSH’s Baked Beans, featuring a talking dog. This TV ad happens to be one of the most popular TVC’s that has ever aired. The commercial’s popularity owes a lot to the cute dog at its center.

The aforementioned dog went by the name Duke. Although he never actually talked, he was legitimately adorable. Unfortunately, Duke had to cross the rainbow bridge due to a severe case of cancer.

The news was made public by a certain David Odom, who is friends with Duke’s human. David posted about Duke’s death via Facebook. The entire country mourned immediately after and the story was shared countless times on the social media platform.

Duke’s resting place is in the state of Florida. As to the exact details of its address, none has been disclosed thus far. For anyone who wishes to visit Duke’s resting place, you might want to contact Mr. David Odom via Facebook.

Meanwhile, let’s all hope that Duke’s devoted and loving owner is coping well.

Source: Viral Thread



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