Reunions between soldiers and their beloved dogs are some of the most heartwarming events in life. Take Jason Floyd, for example, who was away for 14 months for his basic army training. His reunion with his best friend, Jaxson, a massive 160-pound bullmastiff, produced a lot of tail wags, face licks, and tight hugs.

14 months of separation

This viral video is not just about a dog missing his human who went to work for the day. You see, Jason Floyd was deployed for Army basic training when he was only 19 years old. His deployment lasted 14 long months, which probably seemed like forever for Jaxson, his beloved dog.

It was difficult for them to be apart, but it was a sacrifice that they both needed to do. Both Jason and Jaxson held onto the fact that the training would end at some point. And then Jason could fly back home and be with Jaxson.


Jason’s mom saw how affected the bullmastiff was with the young man’s absence at home. To at least console the sad pooch, Mrs. Floyd would put on Jason’s old t-shirts on the dog’s pillow.

The best surprise, ever!

Finally, 14 months ended, and Jason had come home. They wanted to surprise the unsuspecting pooch with his arrival. Mrs. Floyd asked, “Jax, are you ready for your surprise?” and the dog’s ears perked up. That very question seemed to clue him in.

Jaxson headed out of the door and saw Jason in the lounge right away. The over-excited dog couldn’t contain himself and jumped onto Jason. Jaxson was all over Jason, and the massive pooch kissed the soldier everywhere.

Jason slid into the floor, but Jaxson wasn’t stopping. The dog rounded him and his tail never stopped wagging. Those gestures only show how much Jaxson missed his human, and he’s over the moon about Jason’s homecoming.

Indeed, there’s no place like home, and for these two, home is where the other is. Watch their happy yet tear-jerking reunion in the video below.

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