When Jill Kirkham first saw the boxer, Cooper, back in 2015, she was immediately in love with him. She knew that he was meant to be her dog, so without hesitation, she and her partner, Steve, decided to adopt the adorable pup.

For the first months, everything was going smoothly for Cooper and his new fur parents. Although Jill could tell that he was a bit mischievous for his age, he never actually did anything drastic and damaging to the house. Well, that was until he turned a year old.

That day, Jill and Steve left Cooper at home like they usually did. However, when the fur mom came home from work, she found her cuddle chair torn apart to the bare framework and the naughty pup sitting proudly by the mess of stuffings.


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Jill couldn’t believe how Cooper managed to destroy the cuddle chair in under a day. But she still gave the boxer the benefit of the doubt and brushed the incident off as a one-time thing. However, just two weeks after this, the fur mom came home to the sofa stuffing strewn around her kitchen floor.

That was when she finally realized how destructive Cooper actually was. Since then, they started dog-proofing the house and kept away anything that the canine could destroy.

Despite their efforts, though, the pup had still eaten his way through tons of the couple’s other stuff. These included ten remote controls, eight sofas, six mobile phones, two dining room tables, a set of wooden doors, and a set of oak nest tables, amounting to a total of £8,750!

To avoid shelling out thousands worth of home items again, Jill and Steve decided to enroll Cooper in several puppy classes. So far, his lessons seemed to be working as he hadn’t nibbled on their latest sofa yet.

But despite Cooper’s destructive behavior, Jill admits that the pup is still her best friend, and she will not trade him for anything else in the world. Look at one of naughty Cooper’s chaotic masterpieces here.

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