Visiting animal shelters certainly brings happiness to a dog lover’s heart, but hearing the background stories of these shelter dogs can also bring some sadness.

Take for example the case of Presley. Presley is a three-year-old puppy who is still waiting for her forever home.

It was in 2017 when Presley was brought into the animal control facility of East Mississippi Animal Rescue (EMAR). She belonged to a group of dogs who were at risk of being euthanized, but luckily she was saved by Paula Joyner of the EMAR.


Presley is a big dog. She weighs 103 pounds, but this does not stop her from being a clingy and sweet dog. According to Joyner, Presley does not seem to realize how big she is, as she still acts as a small, baby pup who enjoys being on laps of people.

Presley’s foster dad, Dylan Lugibihl, explains that her big size attributes to her bulldog blood but it does not in any way affect her active and playful lifestyle. For a dog as big as Presley, she sure is energetic as she regularly goes on runs and explores for hours straight.

Aside from running, Presley also loves jumping in baths – be it in small lakes or just in the tub.

Nonetheless, her playfulness never reaches the extent of her getting into trouble. Presley is trained to respect her environment, and she knows not to chew on anything that is not her toy. Presley definitely is a trained dog not only in physical skills but also in mental skills.

With all this put into consideration, one would wonder why Presley is still in the shelter waiting for her forever family to come. Presley is a living proof that big dogs can also be responsible and obedient, playful and energetic.

As of today, Presley is still in the shelter just waiting to be adopted by the perfect family. We cannot wait for this sweet pup to be adopted by a family that would show her even more unconditional love.

Photos courtesy of the East Mississippi Animal Rescue group.



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