You’ve worked hard your whole life and now you get to enjoy retirement.  Why not enjoy the benefits of having a dog when you are in your new phase of life.

Companionship – No one loves like a dog.  Loyal, forgiving, endlessly happy! They are faithful friends for sure.  They provide smile after smile.

Exercise – Taking your dog on daily walks gives your dog an adventure and both of you exercise.  No dog lover can resist taking their dog for a walk giving them the enjoyment they seek in return for all the joy they give you.  Keeping a daily exercise routine of walking is important for your health.


Heart – Studies have shown that owning a dog can help reduce your blood pressure.  

Community – Dogs are a great way to help provide conversation starters with others in your community.  The strong bond that people experience with their dogs can be easily shared and understood by other dog owners.  This will help with making friends and socializing with others in the community.

Routine – You have so much free time but are used to having a schedule to keep.  Dogs provide a routine for walking, feeding and going to bed.  

Parenting – We love giving care to others and when children grow and move away from home to start their new lives as adults we still long to provide care.  You can provide for a dog needing a home and love.

Conversation Starter – You’ve been together for years, you’ve talked about everything and the kids moved out.  Now what?  A dog provides endless new topics of conversations for all the funny and adorable things they do.  They will help you share laughs and share together in their care.

Listening Ear – Dogs love when you talk to them.  When you are home alone they provide a listening ear and respond to your voice.  Studies show a dog’s brain responds to voices and sounds in the same way a human’s brain does. They also have the ability to read emotions.

Volunteering – You can make someone’s day by sharing your dog with a visit to a senior center.  Spread the joy, love and smiles to those that need it.  

Travel Buddy – Dogs love adventure as much as you do.  So many new things to see and sniff.  There are many pet friendly accommodations that allow you to keep your dog with you to enjoy the trip together.



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