Some animals often have a difficult and different life in the hands of people. Stories of animal cruelty are all over the world but there are notable people whose heart and kindness saved an abused American Bully from total dehydration. A couple spotted a sick dog almost dying from severe malnutrition and dehydration and quickly acted on instinct to help the suffering dog.

In a video uploaded by The Dodo on their Facebook account, the story of Billy, the American Bully that was left on the streets to die, captured hearts of animal lovers everywhere. The couple took the dog to the vet after witnessing its gruesome state as they found him on the sidewalk. The couple who sought help from strangers online for the dog’s medical treatments and rehabilitation received an overwhelming response from people everywhere. Truly, the dog went from severely dehydrated at first to a well-nourished pooch in just a few months thanks to his new parents and the people who showed love for him.

The post has now 11 million views, 374 thousand reactions, 11 thousand comments, and about 70 thousand shares. People were moved to the couple’s kindness and decided to help them out by funding the dog’s medical and rehab needs.


Billy quickly adapted to his new home and new parents together with his other canine brothers. He easily developed deep friendships with his new family of fostered dogs. He became inseparable with his siblings. He is now visibly healthier and happier dog thanks to his parents and the people who deeply cared for him.

Human kindness can sometimes be surprising. Amidst the stories about horrible animal abuse all around the globe, there are stories like this that create a whole new different perception about people’s kindness and compassion towards animals.

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Couple Finds Sick Stray Dog — Then Falls In Love With Him

When this couple spotted a sick stray dog near their house, he was skin and bones — and they COMPLETELY transformed him 💕

Posted by The Dodo on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Source: The Dodo via Facebook



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