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One day, Ricky and Alhanna Butler, a happy couple living in the United Kingdom, discovered that they were pregnant. The excited couple will finally have an additional member of the family!

Their small family already has Keola, an American Akita whom the couple treats as their own child. And knowing that they will be having another addition to the family, it’s like they were headed to a perfect life.

But during Alhanna’s Pregnancy, they noticed something strange about Keola’s behavior. Keola seemed to be bothered by something and obsessively follows Alhanna everywhere. Her husband also says that every time Alhanna was at work, Keola was in distress, which didn’t happen before.


Alhanna was having severe back pains at that time, so this brought her to the conclusion that this may be the reason for Keola’s concern. However, when she went to the doctor, she was told that back pains are typical during pregnancy.

After she was sent home, Keola was still agitated and was staring at her fur mom so intently. Alhanna took a photo of this and shared it on Facebook. She shared how this behavior of Keola reminded her of the film Hatchi. Friends commented that she should take this seriously.

Keola had become even more freaked out. She would make noise as if trying to relay an important message across that she can’t verbalize. This scared Alhanna more that she decided to book another doctor’s appointment.

At the hospital, she was rushed to urgent care. They found out that she has a rare type of double kidney infection, one of the worst cases since it has been untreated for a long time. Aside from the kidney infection, she also has an antibiotic-resistant bug that has only infected one other person in the UK. If it wasn’t for Keola’s persistent warnings, this could have killed Alhanna.

Keola has saved her life. The dog knew that there was something very wrong with her fur mom even if her previous doctor’s appointment dismissed her issues.

Fast forward, Alhanna had a safe full-term pregnancy and gave birth to a lovely boy named Lincoln. Thanks to Keola’s sharp instincts, not to mention her deep love and concern for her fur mom, Alhanna and Lincoln are safe.

Source: Alhanna Butler via Facebook



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