Dogs love exploring their immediate surroundings. Once they see, hear or smell something that interests them, they’re ready to start their investigation the soonest time possible.

As such, it’s not a surprise to find a particular English bulldog jumping to a frenzied balloon popping session as soon as he walks in on them.

Wow! Balloons!

In this video, one can see an adorable English bulldog standing by the door of a balloon-filled room. By the looks of it, the pooch’s still hesitating to enter the room, or perhaps the dog’s sizing up the situation.


But, the bulldog soon started attacking the balloons one by one. The pooch’s fur parent even came by and closed the door to allow the dog to focus on the task.

The pooch doesn’t mind the locked door as it continued diving forward in its efforts to catch even one balloon. Even if the elusive balloons keep moving forward, the bulldog carries on with the task.

Stay still, won’t you?

The pooch continues chasing one balloon after the other. However, the pooch seemed to reach its limit as it takes a quick rest by the corner of the room.

But, this bulldog’s not giving up on the challenge. Though the dog stepped aside for a moment, it did not hamper the pooch from revising its strategy.

After readjusting his plan, the pooch resumes diving head on to the balloons. But, just like what happened earlier, the balloons keep eluding the dog.

I’ll pop you!

If one looks at the balloon count, the bulldog’s bound to spend the entire day chasing those balloons inside the room. Even if it meant slipping a few times on the shiny floor, the dog doesn’t care.

After a few hours of painstakingly dashing and diving, the pooch finally managed to pop the balloons. This time, the bulldog uses the shiny floors to its advantages as it glides on it, backing the balloons into the corner and popping them.

If you want to take a look at the bulldog’s crazy balloon-popping session, click on the video link below.

Video Credit: Ars Via YouTube



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