A 3-year-old Pit-Bull was found abandoned and tied to a fence just outside Louisville Metro Animal Shelter. The animal who was suffering from hypothermia has now started recovering.

The animal shelter has numerous surveillance cameras installed, which captured the person who dropped off the dog 5:00 a.m. on Sunday while gates of the shelter were closed.


The person believed to be the owner of the dog tied the animal with a fence that was located near a fire hydrant outside the shelter. Bowls of water and food were left in front of the dog along with a chew toy. In the video caught by the surveillance cameras, moments after tying the dog with the fence, the owner can be seen driving away, leaving the pooch in freezing conditions.

The staff at the shelter found the dog after he remained tied with the fence for around half an hour in freezing weather. The pooch was then shifted to a local veterinary hospital where he received IV fluids.

The shelter’s Animal Control Supervisor, Adam Hamilton, said that leaving the dog in such cold weather was not the right thing to do at all because the dog could have died.

When the dog was found, he was unresponsive, dehydrated, and also suffering from low body temperature. The dog was also found to be emaciated and weighed 20 pounds less than what his weight should have been.

Hamilton said that the canine was still very lethargic and tired but was showing good signs of improvement in his health.

The shelter’s staff is now taking care of the dog, but the pooch is sad and depressed because he is missing his family or owner.

Hamilton told reporters that the staff at the shelter did not want to see any animal suffer, and leaving the dog out in the cold was not the right option for anyone.

The right thing to do for anyone who is having trouble with their pet is to go inside the shelter, talk to the staff about the situation, and try to get the help that is needed.

Image source: Screenshot from a video via MSN



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