Despite only wanting to give their owners company and affection, still, there are hundreds of dogs who suffer from abuses. And one of them is this month-old pit bull mix who went through such a horrifying experience.

One person rummaged through the garbage in Coachella, California on May 5, after he hears a puppy crying from it. As he looked into one Walmart plastic, he found an extremely burned hound who was only five weeks old. They hurriedly brought him to a nearby jewelry store to ask for assistance.


A woman who works there called her daughter, Alejandra Espinoza Zazueta who straightaway set out to help. She arrived and saw the puppy with its back badly damaged. She couldn’t move her hind legs too.

They went to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, a team dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs.

The rescue said, it appears that the criminal used a metal object such as iron. The dog had a portion of her tail cut off too, and she couldn’t move due to being gravely beaten.

She is now under a thorough treatment, and they expect it would be for long due to her severe condition. According to Brian McGrath, the owner of the veterinary clinic who supervises Hope’s treatment, at this stage of her medication, she’s prone to infections, so they currently treat her with antibiotics and some pain drug.

So far, Hope responds positively to it. Brian said they expect a full recovery after the long treatment, and that is good news to celebrate!

Although Hope went through a horrible experience, she is now blessed to have people who are doing their best to catch the perpetrator. And Zazueta is ready to take her even she is paralyzed.

The rescue announced that there would be a $10,000 reward to someone who can find and report to them the criminal. If you ever know something, don’t hesitate to call and give justice for the poor pup, Hope!

Source at Animal Hope and Wellness via Instagram



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