Pregnancies are one of life’s greatest miracles and blessings. This is why pregnant mothers usually make it a point to memorialize the journey through maternity photoshoots.

Ima is a three-year-old shelter dog currently carrying pups inside her. She used to have a foster home but they abandoned her. She was adopted by a neighbor but it was also not a match and Ima ultimately ran away.


When Ima came back, she was already pregnant.


Unequipped for the situation, this prompted the kind neighbor to let her stay in the Paws of Piedmont shelter until she gives birth. The shelter then transferred Ima to the care of the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

This was where Ima met her current foster mom, Sarah Freeman. Freeman has long been a foster mom under the organization and has taken care of over 60 dogs. She is equipped with knowledge on how to enhance their skills and prepare dogs for their future.

As Ima became more and more pregnant, Freeman decided it was only deserving to have Ima do a maternity photo shoot. Freeman prepared everything, down to the pink and blue balloons and Ima’s accessories: a flower crown.

Freeman said that Instagram had been a really big help in showing off her poster pets to the world and to their potential forever homes. This is why she makes it a point to put in effort in photographing them in adorable ways.

See the photos from the maternity shoot in this article courtesy of Sarah Freeman via Instagram:

Ima was very cooperative during the photo shoot. She only asked for a lot of belly rubs in between takes. Freeman said that once Ima gives birth, she’ll make sure that all her puppies will be given the same amount of unconditional love.

Once the puppies are out into the world and weaned, they will all be up for adoption.




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