A five-year-old German Shepherd has been recently added to the K-9 unit of the Conroe Police Department. This latest canine addition to the department will not be the last one. Another dog inclusion will be made very soon because it has been noticed throughout the county that the four-legged officers have served the community really well.

Kodiak is following the paw-prints of the senior K-9s, and everyone at the police department believes that the dog will be able to do well.


An official at the police department said that Kodiak had a long way to go, but the dog was already more mature than the other dogs that the department already had.

Kodiak was donated to the police department by an organization called Archangel K-9. The dog had previously served with an officer in Missouri and also worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for some years.

Kodiak’s duties will include carrying out apprehensions, detecting for drugs, and tracking missing elderly or children and searching out suspected perpetrators.

Deputy Rai Duenas, the handling officer of Kodiak, said that the dog is going to be a very useful tool and a new asset for Montgomery County.

Kevin Patel, co-owner of Archangel K-9, said that the organization wanted a dog that could be given training and then could be donated to a proactive police department.

Archangel K-9 purchased Kodiak at $5000, and the training will give the dog an additional five grand value. The dog is expected to serve for five to six years in case he does not suffer from any health issues.

Patel said that Kodiak is a very easy-going dog, but when he is working, the dog is always very active and on the edge because he has been trained to be like that.

Image source: Gustave Huerta via SFGATE



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