Senator Elizabeth Warren has to be in Washington because she has to be a part of the proceedings of the impeachment trial, but she has got nothing to worry about. The senator’s 2-year-old Golden Retriever in Iowa is campaigning for her in her absence.

The Golden Retriever named Bailey started the campaign five days before the Democratic caucuses in the state. Warren’s husband Bruce Mann is accompanying Bailey in the campaign.


While Bailey made a stop in Fort Dodge, she posed for numerous selfies, enjoyed a cake made of oats and peanut butter, and received other pets. Meanwhile, Mann addressed the crowd and invited them to describe his wife in one word, and the crowd gave responses such as dynamic, fiery, and energetic.

Earlier in the day, Bailey also met an 11-year-old girl named Gideon in a scheduled meeting. The girl runs a twitter account called “I’ve Pet That Dog.”

Gideon wrote about Bailey in a tweet telling people that Bailey likes to chase rabbits and also loves to be in the snow.

Gideon also mentioned that Bailey’s best friend was a Pit-Bull named Obie, who lives with the senator’s son. When Bailey’s caregiver is gone on campaigns, the pooch enjoys spending time with the Pit-Bull.

Gideon wrote that Bailey is campaigning for Senator Warren from Iowa to become the First Dog of the state. Gideon added that the most critical issues that the pooch wanted to be addressed were devising ways to get rid of student debt and more Milkbones in Iowa.

The Massacheutes Progressives were able to stage a rally over the weekend in Iowa, but Senator Warren was stuck in the Senate chamber because she has to listen to the trial six days a week.

The Iowa elections are expected to be a tight race between several candidates.

Image source: Jim Watson via MSN



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