There are many reasons worth considering as to why you need to have your dog spayed. But before you make any major decision on your pup’s behalf, it is important to do thorough research on the matter first. After all, dogs and their specific situations are quite unique.

But in case you are wondering why spaying is popular among dog owners, here are six reasons.

1. Unwanted puppies no more

A female canine is able to procreate many times in her lifespan. This adds up to a lot of litter. The problem is there are not enough humans ready and able to take care of all these pups.


In the United States alone, unwanted pups abandoned in animal shelters have reached millions. Cities allot a considerable portion of their budget to these shelters. Spaying your pup is a good way to contribute to the solution of this major problem.

2. Ending eustrus

Eustrus is the scientific name for doggy periods. These cycles can get rather messy. Spaying your pup puts an end to these cycles therefore you will no longer have to deal with all that blood.

3. Putting a stop to unwanted male attention

A female dog that happens to be in heat also happens to attract attention, often unwanted, from male dogs. When going through their cycle, your pup’s presence will be sensed by male dogs from kilometers away. If these male dogs are persistent enough, they might travel all the way to your front yard for a sexy date with your pup.

If you do not want strange pup loitering within your residence’s vicinity, have your pup spayed.

4. Tumor prevention

Female dogs are prone to developing tumors in their mammary glands. However, studies have shown that those spayed early enough, normally prior to reaching the age of 2 or 3, have significantly lowered risk of suffering from this illness.

Aside from mammary tumors, female dogs are also susceptible to ovarian, cervical, and uterine tumors.

5. Pyometra prevention

At least 25% of female dogs that have not been spayed are affected by pyometra. This infection targets your pup’s uterine. Having your canine companion spayed considerably reduces their risk.

6. Perianal fissure prevention

Perianal fissures are almost part and parcel of un-spayed female dogs. Spaying, however, reduces their occurrence.

Now that you know the arguments in favor of spaying, the next question that needs answering is with regards to the right time this procedure has to be administered. Experts suggest that the best time is after a pup ages a year, and not later than aged 2 or 3.

To conclude, the decision of spaying your pup should be based solely on your specific situation. Also, it is best to get your vet’s advice on the matter. The important thing to keep in mind is although spaying your pup will prove more convenient for you, your primary motivation for agreeing or not agreeing to it ought to be your pet’s welfare.

Whichever decision you arrive at, so long as it is done for the purpose improving your female pup’s health and way of living, you’re on the right track.




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