When pit bulls love you, they will do anything to protect you. They would even lay their lives on the line to make sure you won’t be harmed, just the like dog in our story did.

Kilo is a 12-year-old pit bull who had been with his human dad since he was a puppy. His dad loves him, and he loves his dad so much. Kilo was overprotective of his human family.

One day, a man attempted to invade their home. As the man tried to enter the house, Kilo’s dad managed to hold the door shut. However, the man kept pushing his way in, and he was able to open the door a bit.


Kilo, seeing his dad in danger, ran straight toward the intruder and attacked him. Unfortunately, the man had a gun and shot the dog right in the face before running away.

Kilo’s dad heard three gunshots. When he looked at the dog, he was devastated to see blood all over Kilo’s face. He examined the dog’s head and found two bullet wounds.

Thinking Kilo had been shot in the head twice, Kilo’s dad prepared himself for the possibility that the dog wouldn’t survive. Still, he and his girlfriend rushed Kilo to the vet.

As the doctor treated Kilo’s wounds, he gave them the good news: Kilo was out of harm. As it turned out, the bullet entered his head and went out near his jaw. It did not do any real damage to him.

After cleaning and dressing the dog’s wounds, the doctor sent Kilo and his family home. Kilo’s dad was both relieved and happy to know his dog would be alright.

He was also thankful for what the dog had done. Kilo took a bullet for him, and because of that, the intruder was not able to enter their home. If Kilo had not been there to protect him, who knows what the man could have done.

Pit bulls are truly loyal and protective. See Kilo’s story in the following video.

Source: Andrew Lanter via YouTube



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